RZR Systems specializes in business communications systems, structured voice and data cabling, and IP telephony solutions for small and medium sized businesses in Texas and adjoining states. With more than 15 years in the industry, we take pride in positioning ourselves as a company dedicated to serving clients with the most advanced equipment and service. We provide sales, service, and support for all commercial phone systems ranging from custom programming to the design and implementation. We provide aesthetically pleasing structured cabling that is customized to your business needs and meets industry standards. Our consultants provide expertise in planning and implementing the correct solution to match your environment. Providing efficient and cost effective Telecommunication solutions is our top priority to improve your bottom line.

serverIP Telephony

IP Telephony Work From Anywhere – In today’s business environment, and with the recent boom in VoIP telephony. Businesses have taken a real look at how easy hosting is. Employee sick? Car Troubles? Take your IP phone wherever there is internet and plug it in and you’re up and ready to work!

Auto-Attendant is a feature every business should be utilizing in their office phone system. It enables clients to get where they need to go in your company directory without taking up valuable time from your staff.  Unified Messaging, this gives you the ability to get a .wav file of your voicemail into your email inbox. No more checking your email through your desk phone. Those days are gone! Conference Bridges used to be completely expensive and a separate system all together. Now, you can have complex conference calls with clients and employees in remote locations with a simple group set up from your desk top.  Soft Console, the PC-based Windows opera- tor console IP Office ‘Soft Console’ has been specifically designed to benefit businesses through improved operator service. Deployment of the IP Office Soft Console provides the operator with the correct information to prioritize call handling and give the appropriate response to the caller. At the same time, the operator can maintain visibility of the number and type of calls waiting and so ensure that clients are greeted in a professional manner, enhancing the image of the company.


Homes and businesses without an alarm system are 3 times more likely to be burglarized. We offer cost effective home and office video surveillance security systems and access control. With our state of the art video security systems you can stop theft, vandalism, property damage and break-ins while maximizing loss prevention. Keep a watchful eye on your family, home, and staff while away through our state of the art high quality live stream panoramic cameras. The cost of our systems are far less than the cost of repairing or replacing damaged or stolen property not to mention the emotional toll of having your property violated.  If your existing system is able to be used, we will simply connect the alarm to our central station, and you will be online very quickly. This connect service includes a full test of your protection areas, including any motion detectors, door and window sensors, glass break detectors, and smoke alarms to ensure that each device is in fully working condition. If your system is outdated or unusable, one of our highly trained technicians will come out and asses your needs and educate you on products and services then create a custom system that is tailored to fit your needs.  When you call for service today, you won’t have to wait until next week to see a service tech. We try our best to have a service tech on site within 24 hours. For emergency situations, we even have a service tech on call around the clock.

The state requires all security companies installing, servicing, and even pulling wire, be licensed through the Texas Department of Public Safety.  Texas Private Security License Number: B18900



Fire Alarm System implementation is not just another part of construction. Your fire alarm is what will saves the lives of everyone inside and works in conjunction with the sprinkler system.  The system monitors the entire project and helps prevent catastrophic loss of life and property. There are many types of Fire Alarm Systems, such as conventional, addressable, voice evacuation. RZR offers engineering for all Fire Alarm systems and we perform our own battery and voltage drop calculations to ensure system performance within the capabilities of the chosen equipment. RZR strives to be #1 in every bid, design, system installation we do. We want to be the only trusted company to install, maintain, service or inspect your Life Safety Equipment.  There are many factors to consider when engineering a life safety system for your business all of which must be approved and inspected by the Fire Marshall. Factors that will be taken into consideration include: the code used by your municipality, Use of the building (Occupancy type), additional requirements by your local Fire Marshal, any requirements of your insurance company, and a Site Survey. If your business is located inside the Houston City limts, you are required to have a fire alarm monitoring permit. This is in addition to the fire alarm installation permit. The following link will take you to a copy of the permit form: Currently the initial fee is $50, and the annual renewal fees are $25.

The State of Texas requires that anyone installing or servicing a fire alarm system be licensed and in good standing with the state.   ACR-1931511


RZR offers state of the art monitoring for Intrusion Detection, Fire Protection, Critical Condition Monitoring, Commercial Security Cameras, and Web-Hosted Electronic Access Control Systems. We have monitoring for businesses as well as individual tenants and home owners. We can provide new system installation as well as covert existing equipment and can provide monitoring for all systems. We offer state of the art monitoring from a smaller local control center in order to improve your experience and avoid issues our national competitors encounter when monitoring their customers from oversized, out-of-state monitoring centers on unstable 800 phone systems that commonly fail during storms and power outages

access-control-exampleAccess Control

No matter how small your business starts or how large it grows access control is a vital component for securing your property because it acts as the first line of defense by preventing security breaches. Whether it’s a single door or multi point access control, we can design the system you’ll need for now – and in the future. RZR Systems has a wide range of options for access control.  Our custom engineering will provide superior quality and unsurpassed flexibility.  With it, you can manage your access points, both pedestrian and vehicular. Features include allowing access by a schedule and selecting authorized users. The system also offers allowances for guests, deliveries, and temporary access permissions.


Keep a watchful eye on your family, home, and staff while away through our state of the art high quality live stream panoramic cameras.  In today’s world keeping a watchful eye on what you value the most is an absolute necessity. With our CCTV systems we can provide the simplest to the most complex video recording. CCTV is easy to use and provides an added layer of protection and will help to deter robberies and break-ins, increase productivity, reduce internal or external theft, provide peace of mind for employees and customers, provide documentation of actual events, and verify alarms and alerts. There are many different options when it comes to choosing a camera that fits your specific needs. Our experienced, licensed, and formally trained technicians will be able to quickly and efficiently identify your specific needs. Camera types include standard day/night, dome, dome with infrared, vandal resistant dome, bullet, IP (internet protocol), PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom), and covert cameras, etc.  We also have products that allow you to view, monitor, and control your cameras right from the palm of your hand with any smart phone through state of the art apps.